Make Agile Work

A four-month development program where managers, scrum masters, agile coaches, product owners, and product managers impact their organization.
Created by iLean

Do you want to make an Agile impact?
Our next Klimaks journey starts on September 12, 2023

This journey will be organized in DUTCH!
(see below for program dates)

A program aimed at developing organizational competencies

Our trainers and coaches at iLean have extensive experience in developing organizational agility.

In contrast to much classical training, in our program, we focus on:


Steady growth
A longer program allows for interleaved practice and applied learning


Developing a learning mindset

Through learning, we recreate ourselves become able to do what we were never able to. Agility is not about tools and processes but about the ability to learn.


Business agility
Capable of dealing with changing environments

While there is value in consultancy, we value organisational competencies more

How it works

We have designed a four-month program that incorporates all elements of a great learning experience. Combining interactive group training, applied workshops, individual coaching & assignments, and access to the Agile Community allows for an unforgettable learning experience.

During the program, we take the time to integrate and review our organisational growth, progress and failure together.

Four months

The program catalyses team and organisational growth. This takes time. We foresee sufficient time to look into many different topics, integrate our learnings, space out interleaved practice and gradually improve by sharing feedback.

Training & Workshops

The training modules introduce different topics and perspectives. In the workshops, we deepen our learnings, practice, and discover new ways of seeing.

Individual coaching

Increase your personal growth and leadership skills. Examine your mental models and blind spots. Or just get inspired.

iLean Agile Community

We encourage participants to contribute to the Agile community by attending or organising sessions.

Workshops & training

The backbone of the Klimaks program is a selected set of interactive, hands-on training modules about different essential aspects of an Agile organisation. Knowledge about the Agile fundamentals through previous training or experience is a prerequisite.

A set of interweaved workshops accompanies the training modules. These workshops are a platform for participants to apply their learnings and review them with their peers.

Learning Objectives

  • I can dissect Agile methods into interacting PDCA cycles and see the bigger picture of how they work as a system.
  • I can identify the feedback problems that affect our operations and business results.
  • I can identify how long term operational or business strategy changes affect short term changes.
  • I will never consider Agile as just a collection of best practices again.

Learning Objectives

  • I can apply the building blocks to grow towards a real team
  • I can take steps to improve our team design and work design to make co-creation possible
  • I can explain how Agile teams can benefit our organisation
  • I can differentiate and apply different types of coaching in different team stages or situations

Learning Objectives

  • I can map the System of Work to our context
  • I see how intuitive interventions cause counter-intuitive results and worsen our flow.
  • I can identify the strategies that, in our context, might be levers for better flow.
  • I know how to stay out of the resource efficiency paradox
  • I can make a case for introducing structural slack in my context
  • I can interpret and follow up flow metrics to get insight into our process health

Learning Objectives

  • I understand how to balance predictability  with business agility
  • I can make the distinction between unnecessary variability (hassle) and value-adding variability
  • I will never use velocity again to "fill a sprint."
  • I can use estimation to uncover process patterns for better anticipation.
  • I know how to avoid the Estimation Paradox.

Learning Objectives

  • I can facilitate an authentic conversation where different points of view are welcomed instead of opposed.
  • I can start listening to myself and discover my assumptions before judging others.
  • I see and feel how conversations are essential for building psychological safety.
  • I see how mental models are part of the deeper structure of an organization and affect behaviour and culture

Learning Objectives

  • I can visualise how variables are interconnected to explain my mental model better.
  • I can facilitate a conversation to bring different mental models to the surface and better understand the problem.
  • I can discover possible levers in tackling team problems.

Learning Objectives

  • I can coach Product Owners in developing better results
  • I know how to create a win-win relationship with Product management to connect continuous operational improvement with business agility
  • I know how to stay out of the build trap and can assess the learning abilities of our team

Learning Objectives

  • I can use OKRs to implement our business and operational team strategy
  • I know how to improve team engagement by setting and pursuing meaningful goals
  • I can start practising objectives and key results and building habits to truly make progress

Learning Objectives

  • I can design the right retrospective for the right purpose
  • I know how to avoid the most common retrospective pitfalls
  • I can assess how we are progressing in our improvement cycles
  • I know how to improve retrospective habits in my context
  • I can try out techniques to engage our team in the learning process

The backbone of the Klimaks program is a selected set of interactive, hands-on training modules about different important aspects of an Agile organisation. Knowledge about the Agile fundamentals through previous training or experience is a prerequisite.
Make Agile work
Discover what conditions lead to success or failure.
Learn how to use feedback that drives agility.
Collaboration for better Team Flow
Accelerate learning by simulation to better understand how work works and what strategies can help to deal with common flow problems
Agile Predictability Paradox
How can you improve business credibility and trust by managing your process? How does increased agility conflict with predictability?
Hosting Artful Conversations
Access your team’s collective intelligence by increased reflective skills.
Discover how you can better listen to others by listening to yourself.
Designing real Agile teams
Identofy the assumptions that serve as a foundation for building Agile teams.
Create the necessary conditions for successful teamwork.
Continuously improve to building the right thing
Create an environment where continuous improvement habits go hand in hand with a relentless customer focus
The training modules are accompanied by a set of interweaved workshops. These workshops are a platform for participants to apply their learnings and review them with their peers.
Causal Loops to develop Team Learning
Apply Systems Thinking to better understand complex teams problems and increase the likelihood of finding effective solutions
OKRs for defining Team Goals
Identify relevant Team Goals and focus radically on achieving them
Hosting kick-ass retrospectives
Develop a safe environment to learn and improve what really matters and have some fun on the way
Meet the trainers

All our trainers are seasoned professionals with loads of experience. As part of the iLean family, they all practice what they preach.

Kris Philippaerts
Scrum & Agile trainer and Coach
  • 19+ years of experience in Agile
  • Specialised in Agile training and workshops
  • Undeniable technical roots
Frank Geelen
Agile Trainer and Coach
  • 15 years of experience in Agile
  • Specialied in coaching and training
  • Agile generalist

We regularly organise public training, but we can also discuss possibilities for in-house training.


2.995 € / pp (excl. btw)

The following public program starts 
September 12, 2023

Language: DUTCH

Program overview with specific dates:

  • Day 1: 12/09/2023 – Make Agile Work
  • Day 2: 03/10/2023 – Flow & Predictability + OKR’s
  • Day 3: 24/10/2023 – Build effective teams
  • Day 4: 14/11/2023 – Communication to unblock learning
  • Day 5: 05/12/2023 – Balancing Product Discovery & Delivery

Remark: these days are on-site full-day sessions. Only if circumstances require us to switch to online sessions, we will perform the classes online.

Attention: these dates are for a DUTCH spoken program!


Get in touch with us to receive a quote for in-house training.

More info?

Not sure yet about this program? Check our FAQ below, or feel free to contact us, and we will gladly get in touch to provide more information.

    Frequently asked questions

    Are you in doubt whether Klimaks is something for you? Not sure if your schedule will allow you to join? See our FAQ below!

    Klimaks is a development program where participants apply their knowledge in their teams and bring back feedback to the participant group. We expect the participants to have a particular basic experience before starting the Klimaks program.

    After completing the Klimaks program, we will award you a Klimaks certificate. This certificate requires you to follow the entire program and work on the assignments.

    In case you miss a training, workshop or assignment, we’ll look for a way for you to catch up with the content.

    Yes, there will be homework assignments to prepare before some workshops.

    The Klimaks program is set up as a lightweight program with 1 or 2 training days per month. The homework will not exceed a few hours per month.

    We expect the participants to have basic knowledge and experience in the Agile way of working. We also assume that the participants are currently working with or in an Agile team to apply the Klimaks assignments in real life.

    The primary location for our in-person sessions is Mechelen. If restrictions require us to switch to online, we will adapt the schedule accordingly.